Additional Requirements

Minimum Research Requirements:

In addition to the program's course requirements, the Management Track requires completion of two research papers. These projects should be thought of as minimum requirements because most successful students produce additional research through informal collaborations with department faculty.

  • The first year paper: The goal of this project is to allow students to experience all of the steps involved completing an empirical research project while working closely with a faculty member. Students are responsible for identifying a faculty sponsor for this project who can facilitate the research process, in many cases by providing students with access to existing data sets.
  • The second year paper: The goal of this project is to allow students to conceptualize and fully implement an original research project under the close guidance of a faculty member. Students are expected to gather their own data for this project and to conduct the literature review, data analysis, interpretation, and write-up necessary to produce a complete research manuscript suitable for submission to a refereed academic journal. In order to facilitate final preparation for candidacy examinations, students should try to finish a complete draft of their manuscript by the beginning of the fall semester of their third year.

Teaching Requirement:

Students are required to have a minimum of three credit hours of class instruction under the direct supervision of a faculty member. As appropriate, students will also be required to attend teaching development workshops and seminars.

Entering Candidacy

Before students can register for dissertation research, they must be admitted into candidacy. This occurs when a student completes all required coursework, research papers (1st and 2nd year projects), and passes a comprehensive examination designed to measure student's knowledge of the management discipline. Overall, the requirements for entering candidacy prepare students for the primary activities of an academic career: being an active researcher and contributor to the field, serving the professional community as a competent reviewer and evaluator, and teaching many basic and mid-level management classes.

Students admitted to candidacy are expected to enroll in dissertation hours and to devote full-time effort to conducting their dissertation research and writing the required dissertation document. Students in doctoral candidacy must continuously enroll in at least three hours of dissertation course work each semester until the dissertation is completed.

Candidacy Examination:

The faculty determined that the structure of the comprehensive examination will include six questions administered as follows:

  • Three Management Domain questions selected from the domains addressed by the department's primary seminars (Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Organizational Theory, and Business Strategy). Each student selects the three domains to be included in his or her exam. However, students must have earned a B or higher in the seminar addressing the domain omitted from the exam, and may not omit the question pertaining to his or her stated specialty area.
  • There will be one methodology question addressing issues related to the design and implementation of empirical research projects.
  • There will be one specialty question addressing a specific topic identified by each student as his or her primary area of expertise and likely future research focus. This question may ask students to consider how their chosen topic is related to other topics studied in the management discipline.

All of the questions will be taken during one week in late September or early October. All of the questions will be answered in class except for the integration question which will be completed at home. Four-hour blocks will be scheduled for each in class question, 9:00 am - 1:00 each weekday (one block will be skipped for each student corresponding to the omitted management domain question). The integration question will be completed over the weekend and handed in Monday by 9:00 am to the Department Ph.D. Coordinator.

Students will choose one of two questions to answer for each of the management domain questions. Other questions will offer only one alternative. The evaluation scale approved by the faculty includes four points: "high pass", "pass", "marginal pass", and "fail". Students must earn a high pass or pass on the special topic question and the management domain question related to his or her major area.

Students must retake those sections of the exam on which he or she earned an inadequate evaluation. The second administration of the comprehensive exam will take place in late January.