DeVos Sport Business Management


A message from Dr. Richard Lapchick

Welcome to my faculty website. As the Endowed Chair and Director of the DeVos Sport Business Management program here at UCF, I am proud to say that I am a part of a program that provides a unique, team-based, integrative business approach and a global sports network in a hands-on environment. Our program focuses on ethics, diversity, leadership, and community service, while attracting some of the brightest and most committed students from across the country and across the globe.

I am proud of the work of our past and present students. Some of the major accomplishments of DeVos students are:

  • We have gone from the newest program on the block to being named one of the top five programs in America by the Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal and ESPN the Magazine.
  • 290+  DeVos graduates
  • 290+  DeVos students who received a scholarship or a GA Position as a result of the DeVos Endowment
  • 175+ sports teams and organizations impacted by DeVos graduates
  • 48,970+ hours of community service by DeVos students in Central Florida
  • 15+ local programs served in Central Florida
  • The Class of 2008, in conjunction with the National Consortium for Academics and Sport, formed the Hope for Stanley Foundation, which is dedicated to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their homes and lives in New Orleans.
  • 39,310+ hours served by DeVos students in New Orleans
  • 34 weeks of service in New Orleans
  • 81+ homes helped to rebuild in New Orleans
  • 87,110+ hours served locally and in New Orleans
  • $30,000 raised for victims of the tsunami
  • $15,000 raised for victims of the earthquake in Haiti
  • Went to Tuscaloosa, AL in December 2011 to help victims of the tornado
  • Headed for New York/New Jersey in March to help victims of the hurricane
  • Lives changed by the DeVos Program: innumerable.

DeVos students and graduates are business leaders committed to using the power of sport to improve life in a more-inclusive society. The program is the premier "living classroom" in sports business management education.

Here on this website you will find my biography, my publications, upcoming speaking engagements and links to some other websites. Thank you for visiting my website and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Have a great day.

Best regards,

Richard E. Lapchick
Endowed Chair and Director